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NSPMA values support from past presidents and tenured members serving in advisory roles. These individuals help to maintain a balance of experience and dedication to the many aspects of school and facility management.

2023Bill SheddenTN
2022Jimmy Martin SC
2021Keith WatkinsNY
2020Dr. Rick Walters VA
2019John Rome LA
2018Kimberly Keener NJ
2017Mike Mertens AR
2016Dr. John Bailey VA
2015Jimmy Martin SC
2014Maurice Henry AR
2013Alice Honore-Hubert TX
2012Fran Foster VA
2011Mike Luscher KY
2010Wesley Roach AR
2009Vince Sodano NJ
2008Bobby Owen TN
2007Kelvin Hilberant MN
2006Tom O’Reilly KS
2005Peter Miller MO
2004Tom Perry NC
2003Dennis Randolph WA
2002Jim Fredricks MN
2001Jr. Gilbert KY
2000Dr. Jerry Cole TN
1999Robert Makowski CT
1998Art Bode OK
1997Neil Shaw FL
1996Jim Vicar SC